The Mighty Pencil is an independent not-for-profit organisation that works together with a select group of professional illustrators in order to showcase their work worldwide. We are not an agency, if you would like to work with one of our illustrators then please contact them directly.

We are currently working with the following illustrators...

Aaron Miller
Abi Daker
Allan Deas
Andrew Groves
Andrew Lyons
Ben the Illustrator
Bex Glover
Chris Leavens
David Cousens
Gaia Bordicchia
Gareth Axford
Guy McKinley
Joe Rogers
Julian James
Laura Barnard
Lesley Barnes
Louise McLennan
Marc Aspinall
Matt Taylor
Michelle Kondrich
Mr Millerchip
Mr Yen
Mitch Blunt
Natsuki Otani
Patrik Boberg
Peter Crawley
Poked Studio
Raid 71
Robin Boyden
Ross Phillips
Sam Gilbey
Steph Baxter
Stephen Chan
Steve Antony
Steven Bonner
Stuart Whitton
Tom Hovey
Will Scobie


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We Are The Mighty Pencil


3 years ago myself and some very talented fellow illustrators came together to interact, collaborate and support eachother in our careers, we do this under the name The Mighty Pencil.  We’re a loose collective of professionals who, in this time, have published 2 self-promotional books and undertaken various online promotions in order to make names for ourselves and have our work seen by the right people worldwide.  We do it because we are friends and we all love to illustrate, it’s simple.  For the first time I am very happy to publish an official list of Mighty Pencil members, below, each with a link to that artist’s portfolio site, so please do have a browse.

While I’m here I also wanted to say that although I’m sorry to announce that we are not currently looking for new members, I can probably give you one piece of advice that could help you in your career… Do something.  If you want to be part of a collective, or a team, or a studio, or an agency, then just make it.  My peers and I felt like we needed something, so we made it.  There is strength in numbers, there is more advice and support and experience in a group of peers, than there could ever be in any one person.  Without any backing, advice or help from anyone outside of our circle of illustrators, we built something that makes me proud every day, and supports every one of it’s members in ways I just can’t explain in a simple blog post.  Don’t feel like you’re missing out, you just haven’t formed your team yet.  

Stay creative,

Ben the Illustrator.

The Mighty Pencil members are..

Aaron Miller | Abi Daker | Allan Deas | Andrew Groves | Andrew Lyons | Ben the Illustrator | Bex Glover | Bubblefriends Chris Leavens | David Cousens | Gaia Bordicchia | Gareth Axford | Guy McKinley | Julian James | Laura Barnard | Lesley Barnes |  Louise McLennan |  Marc Aspinall | Matt Taylor | McKibillo | Michelle Kondrich | Mr Yen | Mitch Blunt | Natsuki Otani | Patrik Boberg | Peskimo | Peter Crawley | Raid 71 | Robin Boyden | Ross Phillips | Sam Gilbey | Steph Baxter | Stephen Chan | Steve Antony | Steven Bonner | Stuart Whitton | Tom Hovey | Will Scobie | Zeptonn


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