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Just finished two new cat themed banners which will be on display with all things cat at this group show on Thurs.


Don’t Worry Be Appy for Pro Manager - Summer Issue

Thanks for taking a look!

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'We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty' (Inspired by Firefly for Gallery1998 X Joss Whedon, LA, September 2014)

The edition of 20 prints sold out at the weekend, and thanks to a busy week I hadn’t had chance to post on here. I do have a handful of artist proofs though, so please drop me an email (which you’ll find on the about page of my portfolio) if you’d like to get your hands on one.

Firefly is (sadly, was) a fantastic show driven by its characters, and I thought it would be interesting to literally place the characters as satellites around Nathan Fillion’s Captain Mal.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (commissioned by Paramount Pictures)

Earlier this year at Manchester’s Blab I spoke about some of the things I loved as a kid, such as how in the 80s, Ninjas were everywhere, which was just fine with me. While I didn’t get chance to mention the Turtles specifically in the talk, I clearly remember discovering the Eastman/Laird comics in a local (and sweaty) comic shop aged twelve (which sadly closed many years ago, though there is still a good local shop in the town called Close Encounters) and being hooked. Raphael’s sai seemed like such exotic/cool weapons so I certainly drew him the most. Of course in the UK any self-respecting burgeoning geek had to get their hands on the American comics because in the cartoons we didn’t get Ninjas at all, only the more generic and ‘safer’ sounding ‘Heroes’. 

The point is that the twelve year old me would have been very excited if he could have know that one day he’d get commissioned by Paramount Pictures to create an alternative poster to accompany the launch of a new movie about those green heroes in their half-shells, and that’s exactly what you’ll find above.

Several other artists have been commissioned and the collected works can be found at the Legend of the Yokai campaign site. Here’s the direct link to mine.

In terms of the piece itself, I wanted the composition to be really dynamic, self-contained but leading your eyes around from character to character. I felt that the laboratory tubes you see in the trailer filling up with green liquid (which presumably are in some way connected with the origin of the Turtles) represented a perfect device for framing the characters, although importantly, their signature weapons all overlap this flowing frame.

The whole process was a smooth one. I presented a few possible layouts to Paramount and actors Megan Fox, Will Arnett and William Fichtner all approved their likenesses on the first attempt to win their approval. Thanks to Paramount for the opportunity.


Betty Goes Bananas, published by Oxford University Press


New illustration work for GQ Magazine.

Click here for the full project.


We were afraid of a Doomsday gap (for Spoke Art’s Stanley Kubrick tribute show, September 2014)

18” x 24” giclée, available in a numbered edition of 40. Exhibition opens Saturday September 6th, and remaining prints will go on sale online early the following week.

Absolutely love this film, and thought it would be interesting to approach as a character collage, especially with Peter Sellers featuring three times.


: Also my ‘Mutant Frog’ colab w/ &


Pop Portraits : Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES



There’s a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out in parts of the world right now (and coming to the UK imminently-ish), so this seems like a good time to share a piece of art that i produced to accompany the release, alongside a bunch of other FANTASTIC artists (Nicolas Delort, Tomer Hanuka and Amanda Visell amongst others).

You can see the whole collection online here.


: Finally added my ‘Howl’s tribute work to


#secretwallsbirmingham this Saturday #digbeth #boxxed @secretwalls @columnartsagency #doubletrouble

Recent work




"Jay Break" SOLD

A few shots of recent work that I did for my 'Fragmented Nature' exhibition in Bristol. It was a great experience to put on my own exhibition and I’m looking forward to more in the future. Big thanks to everyone who came out to see the exhibition and for those who bought some work too :-)

Read on to see a few more pieces from the show:

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A hipster waiter for Vanity Fair magazine (France)


Strange one for Stanford Social Innovation Review. ‘Collective Insights on Collective Impact’. This one took many different rounds of ideas before we landed on this. Thanks, David!  

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